Thursday, 23 August 2012

Bad Obsession

Hiii, back again with a more girly look as promised! First must start with this amazing bag I received this morning from, it's so gorgeous! I love! The details on it make it looks so beautiful and the colour is just perfect, it's defiantly the nicest satchel bag i've ever owned, so it's a central peice of this outfit. 
The playsuit is Topshop, it's such a lovely floral print and is great to throw on in Summer. As it's mainly white too I feel it's a nice change in my wardrobe from the usual dark colours I wear! :) The Urban Outfitters oversize denim shirt is great to wear over dresses/playsuits when it's not boiling hot and to make the look appear laid back. I have worn my Lita's today too as I wanted a change from the Doc's and creepers which i've been wearing loads lately. It's made me realise how much I miss wearing the Lita's, defiantly going to incorporate them more into outfits! ;D
Anyway that's about it for today, bought some cool magnetic nail polish as you can sort of see in the pics above (not very clear sorry!) and I found my hair curlers so went for  relaxed waves today instead of the natural straight or heated roller hair. Hope everyone is having a lovely week! <3

Monday, 20 August 2012



Hiii it's so hot today so my latest outfit is pretty laid back. The bustier is  lovely for when it's hot weather and is easily a great statement piece for the look. The shorts are just basic Levi's - perfect to throw on for a hot summers day! Got these one's from Ebay for quite cheap! Would defiantly recommend it for cheap Levi's jackets or shorts :) The shoes are my old old old converse from when I was an early teen, so happy I found them <3 They weren't in bad condition either which was good! Everything else just adds vintage/grunge details to the outfit. Have a feeling i've been quite influenced by grunge looks lately (love the 90s grunge era so much!) so may post a more girly look next time to mix things up a bit! 

Thursday, 16 August 2012

In Joy And Sorrow

Helloooo. Bit more of a late summer/autumn look today as it was slightly colder and i'm so eager to get my autumn clothes out (my favourite season!). My obsession with Evil Twin clothing has grown, bought this beauty of a skirt off ebay the other day. I've been looking for midi skirts lately in preparation for the colder weather so this was perfect, think it will feature a lot in my autumn outfits as I love the paisley print! The sweater is H&M, it's quite lightweight and comfy which is nice (and burgundy yay!). I've also worn my Urban Outfitters stud collar shirt underneath just so the collar adds a touch of detail to the outfit and sweater. Hope everyone is having a lovely week! :)