Monday, 12 November 2012

Outfit Inspirations 3: Leggings

Hii i've decided to put some outfits together based on leggings. The weather here has started to get much colder recently so I find leggings a perfect way to liven up an outfit when it's too cold for a dress/skirt and you've over-worn your jeans. So here's a few of my favorites and what i'd wear them with. Hope you like x 

Topshop velvet leggings. (Infact all of this outfit is Topshop.)
I am so in love with velvet clothing at the moment because of the autumn/winter weather. Perfect for Christmas and really easy to wear day or night. (+ this topshop faux fur looks so warm!)

Silent smoke leggings by Had my eye of these for quite a while as they have a pretty unusal print. The cut-out top is Urban Outfitters.

These galactic leggings are from They are probably one of the coolest space print leggings i've seen (as well as Black Milk of course.) I love the mix of colours and think these would be great rocked up with a studded biker + creepers.


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  1. Thank you so much for the inspiration :D
    (Was having trouble with my wardrobe)
    But I'm feeling inspired again :p