Sunday, 17 February 2013

Raised By Wolves

Leather Jacket - Vintage
Midi Dress - Topshop

Hii everyone, hope you're all having a nice chilled Sunday. I've been writing an essay most of today (more deadlines, I know!) but lots of chocolate snacks are keeping me upbeat! This is my latest look, the weather has been a bit nicer recently so I have managed to get back into jackets, dresses and skirts for a while. I feel like i've been living in coats and jeans for so long! I bought this dress just after Christmas as I was desperate for a grey midi dress. It's perfect but I do still feel a bit strange wearing it as i'm so used to baggy/floaty clothes rather than bodycon! Anyway it's great for a change, so decided to rock it up with some leather, a beanie and chunky jewellery. Hope you like xx


  1. 1i love the whole outfit and every single item of it!


  2. looks amazing as always! <3

  3. Love the outfit! And your hair, I've got the same hairstyle except my hairdresser can't seem to make my fringe as great as yours!

    1. Thanks Zulayka!
      Aww my fringe is always a bit weird after the hairdresser!
      It takes me about 2 weeks to get it looking normal/alright haha :3