Sunday, 9 February 2014

Thin Disguise


 Hey everyone. Today I just had to post a look with this gorgeous dress I received last week! The lace details is amazing, and I really like the cute buttons featured on the back of the dress. Of course, I had to add a element of goth to the look, adding the deep purple lipstick, however I felt that this worked well to contrast with the cream top of the dress. Feeling very vamp! Finished the look with with Lita's to maintain the Gothic edge. Hope you all like! <3


  1. Oh my! You look incredible Kayleigh! x

  2. Awesome pics and super cool outfit
    :) Nice job
    Liked your blog so much!!

  3. I really love your style! super cute!!!

    xx Frankie

  4. You look beautiful love that skirt! x